Monday, December 3, 2012

Prayers Needed

Just to give everyone a quick update...
Seton started throwing up blood Sunday morning, so we headed to the ER. We started feeling better about all that he has been going thru the past few weeks, he has been extremely fussy and in pain but we did not know why. Once in the ER they found out that he probably had a stomach ulcer, so they admitted us to PICU. Once in the PICU Seton started struggling to breathe so we got to have the end of life discussion with Dr.Kim our new in hospital doctor...because DrH no longer has hospital privileges, which is another story. In order to get his oxygen saturation level back up they had to turn his oxygen up to 8 LPM @ 100% which is extremely high, with breathing treatments every 2 hours and a CPT vest for 15 min with every breathing Today they are pulling lots of blood to test everything again and add some tests also (coagulation, phenobarbital, CBC, etc). The chest X-ray showed some pnuemonia in his lungs and his CO2 levels are extremely high. Seton is now on a bi pap machine to help pull the CO2 out of his blood. Right now we are still letting his stomach contents drain to get all the blood out, to help comfort him. That is our main goal right now, COMFORT!
He is a little fighter and is still hanging in there. We are standing on Psalms 18 for him. God is his strength and helping him hang in there. He is wrapped in God's Arms. I will post an update as often as I can.
Please pray for comfort, CO2 levels to decrease, blood pH normalize, and wisdom over the Hospital staff and us as we make future decisions for our little WARRIOR!


  1. I just wanted to say that I am praying for ya'll. I have been following ya'll's story ever since Ginnie (my cousin) told us about ya'll. From one parent of a special needs child to another, Our strength and prayers are with ya'll during this time.